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Our mission is to improve profitability and reduce burnout in association and apartment management companies by leveraging the efficiency gains of cutting-edge technology and software development.


Achieve Level 3 Business Automation

It doesn’t matter where you’re currently at–whether you have legacy/outdated software or super modern software–we will come up with a plan to guide your business through the 3-level journey of business process automation.

Level 1 – Data Centralization

Data for the department is organized in a digital format that allows both humans and computers to access it in a consistent and coherent manner.

Example: centralizing documents previously located on various workstations or on-premises servers by moving them into Microsoft OneDrive or other cloud storage provider with the appropriate access permissions. Improves disaster recovery, security, and helps facilitate access of documents for automation.


Level 2 – Digital Twin

The functions of the department are created digitally so that most or all procedures can be initiated through automated means.

Example: identifying the starting point of various processes (i.e. an email to a particular employee, a new ticket created, a new entry created in the accounting software, etc.), and then activating that starting point digitally to enable programmable business process flows. This is also where we look for more efficient ways to transfer data, like using APIs to keep two or more systems in sync. Saves employees time.


Level 3 – AI and Enhanced Data Reporting

Once data has been centralized and a digital twin for department functions has been created, AI and other logic is added to further increase revenue, increase productivity, reduce errors, and provide quality reports to executives.

Example: identifying cross-selling and up-selling opportunities, identifying dips in employee productivity, performing automated cross references with company data to prevent confusion and mistakes, and more.


What People Are Saying

Daniel from TechResidential has been vital in helping us achieve our software goals. His ability to convert our concepts into a fully functioning user-friendly software is impeccable. Daniel’s extraordinary competence combined with is keen communication makes him one of my favorites and most reliable vendors to work with. 

Hannah Jones Gardner

CTO, Vision Community Management - a member of RealManage family of brands

We’ve been working with TechResidential for over a year now.  They’re fantastic.  Not only are they very good at what they do but they are fair on billing, responsive, and keep expectations in check.

Clint G. Goodman, Esq. CCAL

Attorney, Goodman Law Group

TechResidential has provided efficient and timely support for our non-profit website. They respond quickly, in a most professional and congenial way, to requests for help.  Their solutions for problematic postings have been greatly appreciated. I value TechResidential as a member of our team for their skill, professionalism and personal style.

Patricia Sanchez

Administrator, The Arizona Native Plant Society



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