Property Value Enhancement Report

Revenue Generator for Management Companies

We will rank a community against up to four other nearby communities, and provide an analysis complete with photos that describes how to best position the community to attract homebuyers by:

      1. Researching and identifying other HOAs within your geographical area that are comparable in terms of size and amenity offerings
      2. Researching these HOAs online to gather information about their community features, amenities, services, and any unique selling points
      3. Physically visiting and taking note of the infrastructure and amenities offered by these communities, including factors such as parks, playgrounds, swimming pools, clubhouses, fitness centers, walking trails, and any other facilities that are relevant
      4. Looking into the community engagement activities of these HOAs, including events, social gatherings, clubs, and committees that foster a sense of community and encourage resident participation
      5. Examining the HOA policies and regulations of these communities and identifying any unique or innovative policies that promote a desirable living environment and attract homebuyers, specifically noting any areas where your community’s policies may need improvement or updating.
      6. Evaluating reviews, testimonials, and court cases for these HOAs.
      7. Finally, interviewing 1-2 real estate agents that work in the area to provide their feedback on ways to attract buyers.

We’ll compare our findings to the community’s offerings and identify areas where they may be falling short or where they can differentiate themselves. This could include adding or improving amenities, enhancing community engagement, revising policies, or addressing specific areas common to homebuyers.

Based on our analysis, we’ll prioritize the changes that would have the most significant impact on potential homebuyers while considering the feasibility, cost, and potential return on investment for each proposed change.

We also provide this as a white-label service at a reduced rate for management companies, and will include your company’s logo on the report instead of ours.


Pricing: $1,500 direct to HOA boards

              $1,200 for management companies requesting on behalf of HOA boards

              *Pricing above is for Phoenix-area communities